Our Story So Far

After being offered a freelance position by his first client, Mr. Anant Agarwal established his company from the ground up without any prior knowledge of the fundamentals of surviving in the market. According to Mr. Agarwal, the secret to sustainable development is perseverance, discipline, and determination. After dominating the market for ten years, Indoriv Clinical is best recognised for being a hybrid CRO that works in three different industries. It has a significant impact on the drug development process.

To enable quick access to medicine delivery across the globe, the organisation conducts all clinical research with the skills of a committed team of scientists, pharmacists, physicians, and diagnosticians. Along with providing a full spectrum of CRO services, Indoriv Clinical now aspires to grow into the biggest biobank worldwide.

  • 300+

    clinical trial projects in various indications

  • 8+ years

    since our Biobanking operations started

Founder & CEO

A self-made Entrepreneur, our founder Mr. Anant Agarwal established a business of his own from scratch. Born and raised in Kolkata, he loves to read and watch everything ‘nerdy’, as he likes to put it. He completed his undergrad in biomedical engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2011.

He started his own company and rose to become one of India’s largest clinical research consulting Biobanks after a dismal clinical research internship. Throughout his journey, he encountered numerous adversities and had to learn several lessons the hard way. He regards the habit of developing discipline as the most significant lesson. Motivation and enthusiasm are transient highs that fade quickly. We persevere through the tougher moments with discipline. He believes that discipline and consistency are crucial for success. Even though he was the star pupil and the winner of numerous academic and extracurricular competitions, he struggled to find employment after graduation.

He was turned down by nearly 200 businesses, yet he persevered. The result, One of the best hybrid clinical research organisations with clients from all over the world.

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“To promote the science of healthcare by maintaining international standards.”

As we all know, healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.

Science provides us with a treasure trove of knowledge that can be used to improve healthcare facilities in the world. Our goal is to integrate these two powerful branches and promote the very science of healthcare.


“To create international standard research in India and promote R&D in drug development and healthcare systems.”

We plan to do our part in helping the global drug development process, while maintaining international quality standards. We are committing to this goal, by collecting relevant clinical data.

More the data, faster it is to cure a disease. This how we plan to be well equipped for major future diseases.

Our Team