Jeevanam Biobank

Jeevanam or life as we know it, is a miracle in itself. There is beauty in the way our bodies have been intricately crafted to support us. We, at Jeevanam biobank, aim to add value to this very miracle. Our exhaustive Biorepository of high quality, well characterized samples and data are readily available for analysis. Armed with data, we aim to be future ready to deal with upcoming yet unknown diseases.

When coupled with subject data from questionnaires and medical records, our biobank can be helpful in researching complicated diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The growth of computer technology, post-genomic analysis, human genome sequencing, and bioinformatics has had a significant positive impact on the biobanking sector. By making high- quality, carefully described, and related samples and data easily accessible for study, our biobank plays a crucial part in advancing research and enhancing healthcare delivery. These collections, which preserve human biological samples in cryogenic environments, have the potential to change medicine by giving researchers access to population-wide data that will allow them to investigate the link between heredity and disease. Every year, investigators and researchers who use the biobanking technique to study diseases help save numerous precious lives.

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